Where Green Meets Gold: Optimize Your Energy Costs Sustainably

Distro provides fully automated peer-to-peer trading of renewable energy.

The benefits of joining Distro
Producers, Consumers, or Storage Providers — Everyone Benefits with Distro.
Better prices for buying and selling electricity
Increased renewable energy consumption
100% transparent prices and energy sources
Compliant with your ESG reporting requirements
Better buying and selling prices
3 years
Quicker payback on solar and storage systems
Self-consumption of locally generated energy
“Our customers are struggling, they want transition to cleaner energy, but don’t know how. Distro helps them achieving their goal.”
Vivienne de Leeuw
CFO Port of Rotterdam

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Frequently asked questions

Do I need to find my own community in order to trade peer-to-peer?
You have access to the Distro community through our marketplace. By joining our marketplace, you join the community as a whole and are ready to start peer-to-peer energy trading!
Does joining Distro terminate my energy contract or does it exist next to it?
Joining Distro is an addition to the contract you currently have. When you join our platform, we notify your current supplier to transition your contract to one that integrates with our platform. Alternatively, you can personally contact your supplier to make this change if you prefer.
How much cost can I save with Distro?
Typically, you save between 10 and 20% on your power consumption costs, compared to average market prices. In order to get a better estimate, don’t hesitate to get in a touch.
Does Distro only provide power from renewable sources?
Through the Distro platform, you buy renewable energy from local producers. Any demand that is not met is supplied by our partners in the form of green energy. This green energy comes with a 'Garantie van Oorsprong' (Guarantee of Origin system), which provides a guarantee that the energy comes from renewable sources.
Do I need solar or a battery myself to start with Distro?
You do not need solar or a battery to join the Distro marketplace. Even if you are 'just' a consumer, you can reap the benefits of our community's renewable energy production!
Can I join the marketplace as a household?
At this moment, we're focused on delivering value to businesses only.
Is energy trading risky?
Trading energy through Distro is no riskier than having a dynamic energy contract. In general, you will benefit from more competitive prices than offered through dynamic contracts due to our forecasting and trading models. We partner with established power suppliers to handle surplus demand or supply at dynamic pricing levels.
Do I need to have trading knowledge?
You do not! Distro provides fully automated trading. So whilst receiving the best prices, you can focus on doing what you do best: running your business.

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