Make everyone an energy trader

Accelerate the energy transition. Join Distro to trade green power, get better prices, and reward flexibility.

Automated, data-driven, smart. Distro - the energy market of the future, here today.

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What we do

100+ years of market experience meets next-generation technologies

We build marketplaces to accelerate the global energy transition. Our software facilitates the most profitable connections between energy users, generators, and storage providers.

We bring full transparency, real-time data, and automation to optimize energy decisions for companies and individuals. Our transactional platform rewards flexibility in the consumption and storage of energy.

Designed for the new energy economy and interoperable with today's power grids - Distro provides the best technology and fair market access to unlock the best business case for all. We believe in a transactional, connected, green energy economy that thrives when its data flows freely.

Your benefits

21.4% better prices buy and sell
3yrs quicker payback on storage and solar
98.1% self-consumption of local green generation
Traction for growth inbound traction from producers and consumers

How it works

Built for easy integration with existing infrastructure

Distro connects local physical infrastructure/assets within a community. Every electricity user and asset owner can easily activate their access to the trading marketplace.


Everyone wins by accessing the most competitive energy prices

This marketplace transacts in real time over a forward market, responding to external supplier and feed-in tariffs. Every market participant in the community can benefit from more competitive prices, which incentivizes consuming on-site renewable generation, dynamic demand response and returns on energy storage. Distro is also designed to work alongside other energy procurement such as PPAs, to improve overall cost efficiencies.

Distro Energy makes everyone an energy trader

Unleash the streaming data

Distro unlocks realtime data on forecasts, price levels and energy flows

Full market access

Distro provides a regulatory cleared marketplace for p2p and aggregate trade

Activate trading smarts

Distro AI agents perform proven trading strategies on behalf of the user

Fully automated from day one

Distro executes automated settlements and reconciliations

Our technology

Blockchain solidity

Automated execution of trades

Immutable ledger serves carbon accounting

Smart contracts guard compliance


Algorithmic trading

Market engine touching exchange standards enhances price discovery

AI trading agents optimize on behalf of users

Ready to deploy

APIs, 2FA, role-based access and ISO policies in place




We assess

Feasibility studies and design choices at our expense


We connect

Onboard assets via smart meters, including storage deployment


Generate income

Immediate revenue upsides, providing route to scale

Two Models


Serving your microgrid

With lead clients and private landlords, we transform business parks and neighborhoods into comprehensive local power markets. Tenants get new contracts and terms, with better prices. Includes joint development of an optimization roadmap – e.g., installing more storage capacity and profitable connectivity to wholesale markets.

Growing a local market

With early adaptors and a wholesale trading partner, we realize a baseline deployment with direct economic benefits for all participants. The local market grows with entry of more generators and consumers, on terms equal to all.


Distro is accelerating the energy transition by providing better prices for renewable power and better returns on generation and storage. Our team members come from significantly experienced backgrounds in commodity markets and data technology, committing their bundled forces to Distro's purpose.

We believe that the roll-out of renewable power and flexible demand solutions is being slowed down by legacy market inefficiencies and we are proud to say we are solving that. We bring full transparency and real-time data exposure to inform better decision-making. We bring fair market access to unlock better revenue models. We connect supply, demand, and flexibility directly in order to balance the grid and minimize idleness. We have proven indeed that these benefits unleash faster growth and better use of green power.

With an impact-first mentality, Distro is now determined to grow fast. We cherish ownership and transparency as our core values. These are driving the designs of our solutions as well as the daily operations of our team members. Distro believes that both people and businesses flourish when they are equipped to act sovereignly whilst being united under a shared vision. It is exactly what the energy transition needs: full exposure, swift moves, and intelligent mutuality.

We Take Ownership

We take ownership of what we do, as a team and as people, guided by our shared vision.

We Create Impact

We enable an environment where everyone can measure the impact of their work.

We Move Fast

We are agile and make incremental changes faster to facilitate quicker learning.

Transparency is our default

We have a flat and open team structure that encourages a healthy debate. No conversations are too difficult.

Who are we


Tim De Knegt



Ingrid Schless



Mark Gilleeney



David Nicholson

Senior Data Analyst


Sandor Ivancsics

Lead Software Engineer


Lachlan McLachlan

Lead ML Engineer


Anthony Oliai

Software Engineer


Chen Wang

Software Engineer


Graham Bates

Frontend Engineer


Julian Saunders

DevOps Engineer


Leon Groot Bruinderink

Software Engineer


Pietro Vigilanza

Software Engineer


Seun Adewuyi

ML Engineer

Case Study


Port of Rotterdam Innovation Dock

Europe's largest port, the Port of Rotterdam, is undergoing large-scale growth in renewables and electrification.

The successful trial of Distro's new microgrid trading platform facilitated fair and transparent prices, as well as cost-efficient consumption of renewable energy for our tenants. Balancing local electricity needs with local generation is key to unlocking significant grid infrastructure savings. We are excited about the prospects of scaling this solution and the meaningful contribution it can make toward helping the Port of Rotterdam become carbon neutral by 2050.